This exhibition (project) contains several series of Polaroid photographs.

The idea arose from my love for Polaroid photo, exactly for the reasons why it became popular in the beginning, and these are the speed and convenience of developing photos.

Bring your camera everywhere, develop photographs at the same time and save the album. Now we can add “the retro feeling” that we have lost with digital cameras, the inability to repeat the image, so that photographed gives free and spontaneous feeling that we have forgotten. They are recruited from the past because only Polaroid photographs have the inimitable style that cannot be edited or reproduced. At the time of taking the photograph in this way what remains is eternal, and therein lies its charm

- photos are unique.






Project „Nature as we are“ contains a series of photographs of nature, the human body in nature, body as an element and the balance between man and nature.

I am interested  in abstraction and working with the landscape as a very personal experience. It is also about exploring how we, as a speicies, occupy the Earth.
The idea was to show the beauty of nature, how people are connected to it and how much they depend on each other.
All the photographs are black and white, and the subjects are mountains, stones, rocks drawing human silhouettes, roots, body figures. The resulting images are an experiment of human emotions, psychological elements of finding yourself. To grow, to develop, to live.
Whom  we see, what we see, whether we see! Who I am?

Answers reveal the human identity and consciousness of the existence.